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Industrial Wastewater Treatment

  • Wu Jin National High-Tech Industrial Zone Reclaimed Water Treatment Project

    Wastewater: industrial wastewater
    Capacity: 1,500 m3/d
    Process: anoxic and anaerobic pretreatment+MBR +RO
    Project Start: October, 2011

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  • Tongling Hazardous Waste Centralized Disposal Center Wastewater Treatment Project of An Hui Province

    Wastewater: process effluent, primary rainwater and domestic sewage?
    Capacity: 180m3/d
    Process: biological contact oxidation process + UF+RO
    Project Start: March, 2013

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  • Phase I Chongqing Dazu Industrial Park Wastewater Treatment Project

    Wastewater: Industrial wastewater
    Capacity: 10,000 m3/d
    Process: coagulating sedimentation + Improved Carrousel oxidation ditch? + advanced membrane treatment
    Project Start: Underconstruction

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  • Fu Tian Chemical Industry Resin Wastewater Treatment Project of Zhaoqing City in Guangdong Province

    Wastewater: High-concentration resin wastewater
    Capacity: 170m3/d
    Process: anaerobic + aerobic + MBR

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  • Shanghai CWS Washing Wastewater Treatment Project

    Wastewater: washing wastewater
    Capacity: 600m3/d
    Process: JZR

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